DTC 497 Community Partner Projects

In the DTC Senior Seminar Spring 2020 our class collaborated with the Coeur d’Alene Tribe through its enterprise, the Coeur d’Alene Resort and Casino. As we learned on our first class visit with the staff, managers, and director, the Coeur d’Alene Resort and Casino provides jobs and social benefits to the community. Revenue from the Resort and Casino goes back to Elder programs, schools and community events. For ten weeks our class worked with five divisions to create specific media products based on the specific needs of each program. Prior to the work, we learned about inclusive design, specifically as it relates to Indigenous communities. Each of the groups worked collaboratively with staff from each division, to ensure that their values, goals and needs were met. In the end, we learned the significance of listening, engaging, and providing professional quality products based in cultural values, tradition, and language. Each of the groups works are showcased on this site. Enjoy!


Throughout the semester, our team partnered with the Chinook Lounge to create digital media the lounge can use for advertising and branding. After meeting with members of the marketing department as well as the Chinook Lounge, we determined that a variety of marketing videos would be beneficial. The videos created differ in length and style resulting in a wide variety of content to be posted. The content is focused on showcasing the unique services the Chinook Lounge offers and the mood and ambiance it brings to customers. Since the videos are different lengths, they can be posted on many different social media platforms.

Group Members

Rachel Tveit – Project Manager, Content Creator

Emily Deichmann – SCRUM Master, Content Creator

Erica Bedolla – Content Creator

Jovannah Gudino – Content Creator

Tori Bredy – Content Creator


We have come together as a team of digital creators to create professional materials and work with community partners to refine our skills and experience to diverse audiences.

We experienced professional development, personal development, and community involvement/awareness on a regional scale while collaborating, creativiting, and committing to our community partner, The Nighthawk Ultra Lounge staff and team, to create a comprehensive branding guide, menu design, and several promotional designs and videos for their renovating and reopening.

Group Members

Jayme Dietrich, Product Manager and Videographer

Ayanna Mendoza, SCRUM Master and Graphic Designer

Sawyer Mills, Graphic Designer

Nico Elliott, Graphic Designer and Videographer

Pablo Sandoval, Graphic Designer and Videographer


Our group has been tasked with the production of two promotional videos for the Symetra Tour that is hosted by the Coeur d’Alene Circling Raven Golf Course. The Circling Raven Golf Course has signed a contract with the Symetra Tour to host the tournament for the next three years. The longer of the two videos will focus on volunteering for the tour, and the shorter video will focus on the course and history of why the course was named Circling Raven.

Group Members

Victoria Henry LeMaster – Product Manager

Sierra Ashley Norris – Scrum Leader

Mila Widmayer – Video Production, Videographer

Samuel Jonsson – Video Production

Dylan Freeman – Storyboard Organizer, Research Lead


Our group worked with the Coeur d’Alene Casino marketing team to create a social media campaign to promote use of the CDA Casino mobile app. The campaign works across several social media platforms to encourage and increase the use of the mobile app.

Group Members

Macy Gettles: Project Leader

Jordan Bard: Scrum Leader & CC

Kaleb Pharrish: Data Analyst

Billy Keys: Content Creator

Jan Rac: Content Creator

Aya Stewart: Content Creator


We were tasked with the project of helping campaign and make content for the Coeur D’Alene casino’s culture workshops and Julaymsh Powwow. We were asked to make a new brochure for the culture workshops, a promotion video for Julaymsh and a new logo. These products are meant to attracted a bigger audience and update the casinos branding.

Group Members

Kyra Antone – Project Manager and Research Lead

Aidan Aumell – Scrum Leader and Editor

Johnny Foster – Content Creation (video) and Production Staff

Mario Garcia – Content Creation (logo) and Production Staff

JaJuan Jackson – Production Staff and Photography

Abby Larson – Content Creation (brochure) and Production Staff