Group 2 – Nighthawk Ultra Lounge

Group Members

Jayme Dietrich, Product Manager and Videographer

Ayanna Mendoza, SCRUM Master and Graphic Designer

Sawyer Mills, Graphic Designer

Nico Elliott, Graphic Designer and Videographer

Pablo Sandoval, Graphic Designer and Videographer

We have come together as a team of digital creators to create professional materials and work with community partners to refine our skills and experience to diverse audiences.

We experienced professional development, personal development, and community involvement/awareness on a regional scale while collaborating, creativiting, and committing to our community partner, The Nighthawk Ultra Lounge staff and team, to create a comprehensive branding guide, menu design, and several promotional designs and videos for their renovating and reopening.

MUSTS: Internal menu design and template, specials menu

SHOULDS: Signage, social media designs, and events calendar

COULDS: Short promotional videos for social media, chef cooking, events, people eating/socializing

Creating a variety of design and promotional items ranging from print to digital means, we hoped to unify the newly updated and renovated Nighthawk Ulta Lounge’s look in all visible areas.

We hope these designs will be used within the restaurant and casino to promote the lounge and inform gamers of their presence while establishing a comprehensive brand and experience in all materials.

Branding Guide

Specifically for the menu, this branding guide was created as a way to tie in elements of the Nighthawk Ultra Lounge’s physical space with the newer designed material.

The series of cohesive typefaces mimics the modern, yet familiar space of the lounge. These elements, and the color palette, can be pulled from this guide and used for print and digital promotional materials and/or menu variations and updates.


Format needs:

  • Developed according to existing menu books and paper pocket sizing
  • Best on matte paper

Suggested uses:

  • Inside menu books for customer’s to view food and beverage options

Specials Menu

Format needs:

  • Created using the same size template as the one given to us
  • Best on glossy paper

Suggested uses:

  • Inside menu books but loose so they can take it out and look over it and see all the options and so it doesn’t take up space in the actual menu

Event Flyer

Format needs:

  • Print: use gloss paper 8.5 x 11 inch
  • Digital: flyer size 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels (26.67” wide x 15” high)

Suggested uses:

  • Updated flyer to inform customer’s about food, music, drinks, and upcoming events
  • Display 1-3 different pictures in the provided space easily interchangeable with new pictures

VIP Events Flyer

Format needs:

  • Digital: 8.5×11
  • Print: Use gloss paper at 8.5×11
  • Can produce 11×17 as these are high-resolution

Suggested uses:

  • Lounge Promotions, Displaying VIP Specials, pricing, and information on how to reserve tables for special events.

Social Media Events x4

Format needs:

  • Digital: option posts are 1080 x 1080 px, 1080 x 1350 px, or 1080 x 556 px
  • Formatted for Instagram and Facebook Ads – 3inx3in

Suggested uses:

  • Event posts so customers are informed and aware about events/deals that Nighthawk Ultra Lounge promotions.

Promotional Videos

Format needs:

  • Digital: 1080px1920p can be displayed at any size without reduction in quality
  • 60-seconds – Not set to automatically repeat

Suggested uses:

  • Lounge TV’s, Facebook and Instagram Ad, Showing off the renovated space and entice people to come in for live events

Events Calendar

Format needs:

  • Digital: 1080 x 1920 dimensions
  • Word document – easily editable
  • Not suitable for printing

Suggested uses:

  • Lounge TV’s – To inform customers of weekly events (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) for the next two weeks.
  • Font size and weight can be changed for visibility