Tribal Digital Stewardship Cohort Program

The TDSCP provides educational opportunities for tribal archivists, librarians and museum professionals through hands-on and virtual trainings using a cohort model to stress practical skills and replicable processes. The program promotes an understanding of the digital stewardship lifecycle, with a focus on providing community access to collections.

Mukurtu CMS

Mukurtu CMS is a free and open source community access and content management platform developed and managed at Washington State University. Mukurtu provides new opportunities to engage with the challenges and possibilities for digital collections management, sharing, and curation at multiple scales and with multiple publics.

Sustainable Heritage Network

The SHN is one answer to the need for workshops, online tutorials, and web resources dedicated to the lifecycle of digital stewardship. A collaborative project, the SHN complements the work of indigenous peoples globally to preserve, share, and manage cultural heritage and knowledge responsibly.

Local Contexts

Local Contexts is an initiative to support Indigenous communities in the management of their intellectual property and cultural heritage specifically within the digital environment. Local Contexts provides legal, extra-legal, and educational strategies for navigating copyright law and the public domain status of this valuable cultural heritage.

Plateau Peoples’ Web Portal

The Portal is a collaboratively curated and reciprocally managed digital archive of Plateau cultural materials. The Portal is a gateway to Plateau peoples’ cultural materials chosen and curated by tribal representatives adding traditional knowledge and cultural narratives to enhance and enrich understanding.

Digital Dynamics Across Cultures

As an educational site, the DDAC challenges default notions of openness and access to cultural materials online. Designed in collaboration with Warumungu community members, content on the site is embedded with cultural protocols for access and use. As users navigate the site, they encounter alternative ways of sharing for cultural materials.