Group 2 – Symetra Golf Tour Promotional Videos

Group Members

Victoria Henry LeMaster – Product Manager

Sierra Ashley Norris – Scrum Leader

Mila Widmayer – Video Production, Videographer

Samuel Jonsson – Video Production

Dylan Freeman – Storyboard Organizer, Research Lead

Our group has been tasked with the production of two promotional videos for the Symetra Tour that is hosted by the Coeur d’Alene Circling Raven Golf Course. The Circling Raven Golf Course has signed a contract with the Symetra Tour to host the tournament for the next three years. The longer of the two videos will focus on volunteering for the tour, and the shorter video will focus on the course and history of why the course was named Circling Raven.

Our goal is to produce two promotional videos for the Circling Raven website: showcasing two different aspects about the Circling Raven Golf Course and Symetra Tour, volunteering and course attributes and history.

One video made to attract volunteers.

One video made to advertise the special and outstanding quality of the golf course.

The videos are to be embedded in the Circling Raven website, and to be shared within the community by Dave Christenson the head of the course management. The ideal outcomes of these videos is the showcase why the course is important, valuable and a location within the tour for players, volunteers and spectators to get excited about; in addition to bringing in community volunteers for the tour.

Volunteering and the Symetra Tour

History and Attributes of Circling Raven Golf Course