Group 4 – The CDA Casino App

Group Members

Macy Gettles: Project Leader

Jordan Bard: Scrum Leader & CC

Kaleb Pharrish: Data Analyst

Billy Keys: Content Creator

Jan Rac: Content Creator

Aya Stewart: Content Creator

Our group worked with the Coeur d’Alene Casino marketing team to create a social media campaign to promote use of the CDA Casino mobile app. The campaign works across several social media platforms to encourage and increase the use of the mobile app.

  1. Increase the number of app downloads so people can access promotions sooner.
  2. Allow casino guests to track their points.
  3. Increase visitors to the casino because they would be more comfortable with the brand.

The campaign is intended for use by the CDA Casino marketing group. The month-long campaign is designed to meet their stated goals. The campaign would run on multiple social media platforms simultaneously to allow for maximum coverage. Each week of the campaign has a specific focus, incentives for use, and has prizes associated with it.

Plan, Schedule, & Data Analytics

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