Group 1 – Chinook Restaurant Group

Group Members

Rachel Tveit – Project Manager, Content Creator

Emily Deichmann – SCRUM Master, Content Creator

Erica Bedolla – Content Creator

Jovannah Gudino – Content Creator

Tori Bredy – Content Creator

Throughout the semester, our team partnered with the Chinook Lounge to create digital media the lounge can use for advertising and branding. After meeting with members of the marketing department as well as the Chinook Lounge, we determined that a variety of marketing videos would be beneficial. The videos created differ in length and style resulting in a wide variety of content to be posted. The content is focused on showcasing the unique services the Chinook Lounge offers and the mood and ambiance it brings to customers. Since the videos are different lengths, they can be posted on many different social media platforms.

Our main goal was to promote and advertise the Chinook Lounge at the Coeur d’Alene Casino. Since the Chinook Lounge will be having a new chief and new entrees added to the menu, they want fast paced and exciting videos to share with potential customers through social media or showcase throughout the casino televisions. These videos needed to be kept short for viewers’ attention rate and they needed to be informational for all audiences. The onsite footage would be collected two times within the duration of two weeks. Polishing the videos by adding multiple shot angles, appropriate music, and aesthetic pleasing outcomes. We wanted to show the beauty of the Coeur d’Alene Casino with highlighting the elegance of the Chinook Lounge.

The intended uses we had for these videos were to be able to create videos that showed a lot about the casino, chinook and the new chef as well and be able to show them on a couple different platforms that a lot of people use. Some of the platforms that we think would be good to upload these videos on is Snapchat of course for the snapchat video we created of the casino to show a “day in the life” to see how the casino looks like walking towards the Chinook lounge. Snapchat would be a good platform to show the shorter videos we created as well.

Some platforms that we chose for the shorter videos are Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the screens at the casino. The shorter videos would work well for these platforms especially from videos that we have all seen, there aren’t many long videos on these and people tend to watch the full video when it’s shorter. Some of the platforms we chose for the longer videos is the casino’s website, casino screens and YouTube. Facebook could also be an option for the longer videos as well but we want to make sure that these videos are put somewhere where the audience would actually like to watch them. 

Product List

All of the video files are .mp4 which is the standard video format and can be played through a variety of different media players and screens. All videos are suitable to be featured on the Chinook Lounge website and on tv screens around the casino and/or Lounge.

Video Credits:

Videography: Rachel, Tori, Emily, Jovannah, Erica

Video/Audio Editing: Rachel

Photography: Rachel


Cooking Video

This video is the longest of the five videos. It features the Chinook Lounge’s new chef, Chef Tracy, preparing, cooking, and plating, four of their popular entrees. The audio features soft background music as well as a voice-over interview of Chef Tracy. We came up with a list of interview questions to ask Chef Tracy and recorded a separate interview. Our goal was to showcase Chef Tracy and give viewers a better sense of who he is, why he decided to become a chef, and more. Our intended use for this video is for it to be featured on the Chinook Lounge’s website, Facebook page, as well as possibly play on the tv screens around the casino and/or in the restaurant.

Ice Cream Video

For the ice cream videos we decided to create two different iterations, one longer video that is a little over a minute long and one shorter video which is closer to thirty seconds long. This video features the unique experience that the Lounge offers with their liquid nitrogen ice cream which is created and served right in front of the customer’s eyes. Both videos showcase the experience of ordering the ice cream rather than just its delicacy and tastiness. Our intended use for the longer video is for it to be featured on the Chinook Lounge’s website, as well as possibly play on the tv screens around the casino and/or in the Lounge; whereas the shorted video was intended for social media purposes as it is a quick and engaging video suitable for a range of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Drink Video

The drink video features a Chinook Lounge bartender crafting the Huckleberry Lemondrop, one of the fancier cocktails offered at the Lounge. The variety of shorter scene angles were strung together to create another short and sweet, engaging and entertaining video suitable for social media platforms as well as to be played on the screens around the casino and/or Lounge.

Snapchat Story Video

The Snapchat Story-inspired “Day in the Life” video was created to reach a younger audience. We wanted to artificially create a Snapchat Story showing what it could look like if you stopped by the casino and got to enjoy part of your day in the Chinook Lounge. This fast-paced, casual video is intended to be used primarily on social media platforms for promotional purposes but could also be played on the tv screens.

Compilation Video

The compilation video was created to showcase everything that the Chinook has to offer. More than most restaurants, the Chinook offers higher-end food, specialty cocktails, has a beautiful outdoor patio seating area with firepits and a waterfall and stream home to fish and plants, as well as a gorgeous, spacious, private dining area for larger parties and special events which also has its own private outdoor patio with seating around a fireplace which is surrounded by plants. All of these amazing features are highlighted in the compilation video, with its intended use to be for any promotional purposes. This video would be suitable for social media platforms, the Chinook Lounge website and the tv screens.